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Memorial University of Newfoundland Winners

Dr. James O'Brien recently make a trip to Newfoundland, where he presented several students with their scholarships who were unable to make the annual scholarship reception held August 23 at the Imperial Theatre in Saint John, New Brunswick.

The scholarship recipients include:

Lindsay Cormier, awarded the New Brunswick Medical Society Scholarship

Luke Duffley, awarded the Knights of Columbus Scholarship

Patrick Gallagher, awarded the Berton W. Huestis Memorial Scholarship

Nguyet Nguyen, awarded the College of Physicians & Surgeons Scholarship

Patrick Rogers , awarded the College of Physicians & Surgeons Scholarship

Ryan Smith, awarded the Regional Development Corporation Scholarship

From left to right, Nguyet Nguyen, Luke Duffley, Patrick Rogers, Ryan Smith, Lindsay Cormier, Patrick Gallagher and Dr. James O'Brien.

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