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Our healthcare system has been under significant stress, and recent medical staffing shortages have diminished patient access to vital services. As more physicians head toward retirement, we see an ever-widening gap in the ability to deliver modern healthcare solutions to our New Brunswick population.

  • There are over 72,000 New Brunswickers waiting for a family physician.

  • New Brunswick has 130+ openings in family practice and 110+ open specialty positions.

Your donations, sponsorships and scholarship pledges open doors for talented students from all walks of life to learn and practice in our province.

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"The New Brunswick Medical Education Foundation made a huge impact on my medical school experience by reducing the financial stress associated with studying in medicine."

Dr. Luke MacLeod, 2021 Scholarship Recipient


Ways To Give

Next Steps

There are so many ways to become involved. We all benefit by investing in tomorrow's healthcare. 

To discuss a potential gift, please reach out to our team. Your donation can support a specific scholarship or Foundation initiative that is a priority for you. We will work with you to ensure your gifts are directed with the utmost integrity to the cause that means the most to you.

Gifts and bequests of cash or securities will receive an official tax receipt within 6 weeks. The timing, amount and format of your gift may lead to tax advantages. Please consult your financial advisor to determine the best approach for you.


Please note, a 4% administrative fee is applied to donations to support operations across the province.

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