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The New Brunswick Medical Education Foundation plays a vital role in the province’s physician recruitment strategy. Our return-to-service scholarships serve to:

Attract the best medical students to study in New Brunswick.

Preserve students as practicing physicians in New Brunswick after graduation.

Engage New Brunswickers studying outside the province to return to practice medicine in New Brunswick.

Ensure medical students can qualify for renewable and non-renewable scholarships if they commit to returning to New Brunswick.

We Support Succession Planning

Connecting Future Doctors To Communities

Positioning Our Province For Growth

Fundraising To Support All NB Applicants


"I am so appreciative of the impact this scholarship has had on my life. Medical school is very expensive in terms of tuition, but also living…being able to focus on study, extra curriculars, and volunteering."

Megumi Gates, 2022 Scholarship Recipient

Megumi Gates_Headshot.jpeg
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