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Dedicated to Enhancing the Lives of Others


Visionaries ($1,000,000 and over)


Friends of Christofor
Horizon Health Network


Innovators ($500,000-$999,999)



Province of New Brunswick

David and Faye Huestis

The J.T. Clark Family Foundation


Founders ($250,000-$499,999)

Dr. Richard J. Currie
The John E. Irving Family
Mrs. Rosemary McCain-McMillin


Builders ($100,000-249,999)


The Family of Walter and Joan Flewelling

Margaret and Wallace McCain Foundation

Hon. Michael and Mrs. Kelly Meighen

New Brunswick Medical Society

Physicians of New Brunswick


Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception

TD Financial Group


Leaders ($50,000-$99,999)

Anonymous donor

McCain Foundation

The Sir James Dunn Foundation

IG Wealth Management

Mr. Donald and Mrs. Jane Mitchener

New Brunswick College of Physicians & Surgeons

Ocean Holdings Inc.


Mrs. Audrey Wanamaker


Patrons ($25,000-$49,999)



Dr. Donald and Mrs. Anne Craig

Dr. J. Mark MacSween

Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation

Dr. Paul and Mrs. Gayle Sohi

The Family of Dr. Henrik and Mrs. Wanda Tonning

Town of Hampton

Ptarmigan Foundation

Town of Rothesay


Developers ($10,000-$24,999)


Dr. Sandi Ellsworth

Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Carolyn Mulder

Medical Staff Organization – Saint John & Area

Dr. Corey Stevens

Dr. Aaron Stroud

Mr. Ken and Mrs. Holly Singh (Thandi)


Benefactors ($5,000-$9,999)


Dr. Edward P. Abraham

Dr. Ludger Blier

Dr. Allison Kennedy

Dr. Alana Cook/Dr. Geoff Cook

Coast Tire Head Office & Auto Service Ltd Dr

Dr. Sean Doland/Dr. Andrea Garland

Mr. Michael & Mrs. Cynthia Doyle

Emergency Medicine Physicians

Friends of the New Brunswick Medical Education

Dr. Cory F. Gillis

Knights of Columbus

Dr. Henry Litz

Dr. David & Mrs. Judy Marr

Dr. Neil and Mrs. Sharon Manson

N.B. Building & Construction Trades

Operating Engineers Local 946

Dr. Daniel Scott

Dr. John Steeves

Dr Theresa Koppert and Dr David Tees


Foundation ($3,000-$4,999)


Dr. John & Mrs. Patti Allan

Dr. Colin Barry

Dr. Thomas J. Barry Professional Corporation

Drs. Michael & Susan Barry

Dr. Terrance Comeau Dr. Stephen and Heather Connolly

Mr. and Mrs. Kamel Debly

Dr. Gary Costain/Dr. Pamela Forsythe

Dr. Darren & Mrs. Joanne Ferguson

Dr. William Goodine

Dr. Thomas Goulding

IBEW Local 37

Dr. David & Mrs. Yvonne Iles

Dr. Douglas & Mrs. Dalyce Keeling

Dr. Jean-Thadee Muambi-Kabongo

Dr. Gregg & Mrs. Josephine MacLean

Mrs. Doris MacSween

Dr. Gerald & Mrs. Colleen Maloney

Dr. Jennifer Martin

Dr. Luis Alfonso Monterrosa

Dr. Suzanne Roberts

Dr. Jeff Moore and Dr. Sheri-Lee Samson

Saint John Medical Society

Dr. Satyandra Satyanarayana

Dr. John & Mrs. Jean Steeves

Dr. Robert Teskey

Dr. Brian & Mrs. Anne Wheelock

Dr. Stephen Willis

Dr. Pierre Whitlock


Friends ($2,999 and under)

Anonymous donors

Dr. Edward P. Abraham Professional Corporation

Mr. John Adams

Dr. Maen Alqdah

Ms. Deborah Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Marg Ashe

Ms. Margaret Atkinson

Dr. Jo-Anne Attard Professional Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. David and Jane Barry

Mr. John Barry

Dr. Ludger Blier C.P. Inc.

Dr. Kristen Brown

Dr. Margot Burnell

Mr. Kim Canning and Ms. Donna Cantwell

Dr. John Carson

Dr. John and Mrs. Judith Carson

Mr. Lino Celeste

Ms. Monica Chaperlin

Mr. Gordon Chapman

Mr. Jeff Clark

Dr. Ann Collins

Cox and Palmer

Ms. Kathryn Craig

Ms. Susan Layton-Crossman

Ms. Marianne Davidson

Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Dawn Dixon

Doxbow Inc.

Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Cathy Dykeman

Lyne St-Pierre-Ellis

Drs. D K. Keith, Paul Keyes, Peter Ross c/o Emergency Room Physicians

Mr. Tony Fanelli

First Choice Ventilation

Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Linda Forestell

Ms. Linda Foster

Mrs. Janice Franklin

Mr. Claude Gallant

Ms. Beth Gilbert

Dr. Cory F. Gillis Professional Corporation

Nathalie L. Godbout Professional Corporation

Grant Thornton

Ms. Kathy Hamer

Industcom Insulation Contractors

Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Carolyn Irving

Dr. Mary Jarratt-Hanlon

Kabongo Medical Inc

Dr. Michael and Mrs. Jeanne Keating

Dr. Michael P. Keating Professional Corporation

Dr. Douglas Keeling

Dr. A.T. Kennedy M.D. Professional Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Patricia Kiely

Mr. Dale Knox

Mr. Neil Jacobsen

Mr. Glenn Josselyn

Mr. Peter Josselyn

Dr. Jennifer Landry

Dr.  Winston Lee

Mr. Gerry Lowe

LSO Enterprises Ltd

Ms. Norah Mallory

Dr. Neil and Mrs. Sharon Manson

Dr. Jennifer Martin Professional Corporation

Dr. Margaret MacCallum

Dr. Robert MacKinnon

Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Patti MacMackin

Mr. Allison McCain

Dr. John McCann

McInnes Cooper

Dr. Martin M.W. McCauley

Dr. John and Mrs. Maggie McLaughlin

Mr. Darren McLeod

MD Management Limited

Dr. David and Mrs. Roxanna Meek

Ms. Lynda Mockler

Mr. James Morell

Dr. Rachel Morehouse

N.B. Chapter Acupuncture Foundation

Dr. James O’Brien

Dr. Cecil R. Ojah

Mr. Derek and Mrs. Jackie Oland

Mr. David & Mrs. Pierrette Oxley

Mr. Ron Outerbridge

Dr. Brian and Mrs. Elizabeth Phillips

Port Saint John

Mr. Jim Quinn

Mr. and Mrs. Blair and Suzanne Roma

Ms. Cheryl Robertson

Mrs. Heather Royal

Ms. Rhonda Rubin

Mr. Michael Saunders

Mr. Jack Shand 

Douglas Steen Architect Ltd.

Mr. Brian Steeves

Stewart McKelvey

Dr. Daniel G. Scott Professional Corporation

Dr. Susan E. P. Sullivan Professional Corp.

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Shelley Tardiff

Dr. Robert Teskey Professional Corporation

Town of Grand-Bay Westfield

Ms. Ann Turcotte

Ms. Pat Turner

Brian Walker and Associates

Mr. John Wallace

Mr. Fraser Wells

Ms. Krista Wetmore

Ms. Barbara Williams

Mr. Daryl Wilson

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